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About the Club

The Gamefishers Club was established in 1957 with the aim of providing members with fly only trout fishing, in a non-competitive environment. The Club has a limited membership, fixed by the Management Committee: currently set at 95 members. Member's wives and children may join as Associate members. Members may also obtain an occasional Guest Permit for their friends.

Cound Brook

Since its foundation the Club has had the aim to purchase its own fisheries. Currently the Club owns the fishing rights on three river beats and a small lake; the other eleven river beats are leased/rented. The Club has over 8 miles of fishing on 10 rivers/streams, divided into 13 beats, and a lake. All the rivers support wild brown trout, and some provide grayling fishing during the winter months. The lake is stocked with sizeable brown, blue and rainbow trout.

The Club holds meetings for the members in May and November: the November meeting being the AGM. Currently the venue for the meetings is the St. Andrew's House Hotel, Droitwich.

Bank clearing and Habitat improvement outings are arranged during the close season, and members may indicate the Club waters that they would like to be notified of any scheduled working parties. The outings are vital to maintaining the waters in good condition, however they are also regarded as a social occasion, and a chance to explore the Club waters further.

To join the Club a new member must pay the Entry Fee and the current Annual Membership; however, an Associate Membership is not subject to an Entry Fee. As a member you may fish any of the Club waters any number of times in a season without paying any further fees. Currently only one of the river beats requires an online booking to be made beforehand.

Members are issued with a booklet that contains the Club Rules and Water Maps, and a Membership Card that must be carried when fishing, and used to record all visits to the Club waters. You will also have access to the Member Only area of the Club website where there is information about the waters, and provision for you to record your own fishing visit experiences on the Club waters. If you require any further help or advice there are Club members who are willing to be contacted by new members seeking advice.

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